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I'm a fan of superheroes, fantasy and such. This logically led me to making stuff with Heromachine.

These are primarily character and costume designs. The first priority is the visuals fitting the character. If the design happens to have some aesthetic value, that's just a bonus. There are a bunch of people out there who are making incredible art with Heromachine, and I tip my hat to them, but that is not what I do.


Jun 'Scorpion' Suzukawa, no coat by Sulemania
Jun 'Scorpion' Suzukawa, no coat
This is Scorpion Suzukawa again. She has taken off the coat and that means it's go time. It's best to get out of her way.
Jun 'Scorpion' Suzukawa by Sulemania
Jun 'Scorpion' Suzukawa

I made another wrestler character! This is Jun “Scorpion” Suzukawa.

A bonafide superstar from Japan, she invaded SFWA and captured the championship. She hits hard and kicks harder. A very tough customer. Her finishing move is the Scorpion Deathlock, of course.

I might overuse some color schemes a bit. So much purple, green, black, white, grey. I'm satisfied with the results, but I think we could use some variation, yeah?
So if you want me to use some other color in my next design, post it as a reply to this post.
Hoverhands, Battlepants by Sulemania
Hoverhands, Battlepants

This time, he's wearing his battlepants. Even at a facility like that, you can't just wear your pajamas all day.

Codename: Hoverhands
Real Name: Raymond Manalastas
Age: 32

What little can be seen of the man under his cybernetic enchancements tells you this:
Raymond Manalastas is a man of Filipino descent in his early 30s. He is pale, thin and as cleanly shaven as a man with hovering robotic mitts can be.
His cybernetic enchancements seem like a hack job, with some mismatching parts. Most of his body is covered in a glossy epidermis, and the upper half of his head is dominated by a pair of large, cybernetic eyes, moving independently from each other.
What is especially distinctive about him, however, are his arms, or lack thereof. They have been replaced  with shoulder-mounted control pods and a pair of fairly large floating robotic gauntlets. He can send them to grab, pull and punch, as well as use them to swing himself around Starlight City.

Raymond was an investigative journalist looking for a scoop at the Mentonaut Halfway House for Wayward Superhumans. Were they harboring fugitives? Were they a danger to society? Could their personal tragedies be turned into a sensationalist, money-making article?
Unfortunately for him, his persistent and personal inquiries pushed a certain resident’s buttons too much, causing an outburst that took the help of three other residents and the obliteration of most Raymond’s upper body to end.
A mad genius spending time at the House rebuilt Raymond using whatever materials she had available at the time. The end result was… grotesque, but impressively functional. He tried to return to normal life, but found it impossible. He is back at the House now, as a resident.
Raymond is a skilled journalist, but has been held back by a number of personal flaws. He is often impatient and insensitive, and has had trouble dealing with authority. Strangely enough, nearly getting annihilated might have been the best thing to happen to him. It has given him time and reason to deal with his other issues.

I will be playing this character in a tabletop superhero game!


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Sorry for the late answer.
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