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I'm a fan of superheroes, fantasy and such. This logically led me to making stuff with Heromachine.

These are primarily character and costume designs. The first priority is the visuals fitting the character. If the design happens to have some aesthetic value, that's just a bonus. There are a bunch of people out there who are making incredible art with Heromachine, and I tip my hat to them, but that is not what I do.

While I have not made new Heromachine designs due to my wrist issues, I did commission an image from the wonderful mournfulwizard.

This is based on my Lady Shark design.  It was one of my favorites among my own works, so I wanted to see it made by someone with actual art skills. I think it turned out great, I especially love the colors.

Please check out mournfulwizard’s other works as well!

  • Listening to: Brymir - Breathe Fire To The Sun
  • Reading: Daniel Abraham - Dragon's Path


Nicodemus Holt before shading by Sulemania
Nicodemus Holt before shading
This is just to show how much shading can affect a design.
I also did a bunch of other tweaks to this guy, like narrowing his shoulders.
Nicodemus Holt by Sulemania
Nicodemus Holt
This guy is Nicodemus Holt, my character in a game of Warhammer 40 000: Rogue Trader. He is the group’s Arch-Militant (soldier guy), and formerly the bodyguard and body double of his half-brother, the former Seneschal of their ship. Now that his brother got himself killed by the Imperial Inquisition, Nicodemus is finally free from his brother’s shadow and is free to pursue his own ambitions.
A scientist developed the techonology to create nearly-perfect human simuracra. They have been secretly used as dupes by world leaders and other VIPs for a while now. The simulacra also possess a limited copy of the original’s memories and consciousness, allowing them to simulate the original’s behavior. However, they have also been programmed to view themselves as expendable and unimportant.

The most important treaty in modern history. A group of important diplomats and scientists are to debate it and hopefully sign it, while a political tornado rages around them. An incredibly volatile situation. Each of them has secretly protected themselves with a simulacrum body double. This time, however, a freak accident happens. One of the originals dies.

The simulacrum continues its job. However, now it and the allies of the original must make a difficult decision: Should they let the simulacrum take the original’s place in the debates? Is it intelligent, rational and moral enough to take this important place on the stage of history? If so, what does that say about the previous treatment of these beings?

As they prepare for the debate, even more pressing questions arise. Could it be that the original’s death was no accident at all? Could there be more instances of simulacra taking the places their originals? Is there a sinister agenda behind all this, and what is its intention for the treaty?
First contact
They call themselves the Parvi, but humanity will learn to call them the Enemy. We met their scout ships on our first step away from our solar system. In retrospect, it was perhaps a bit too convenient. The first meetings were... difficult. The taikonauts were not diplomats. When translation was finally achieved, the future looked bright, they had so much to give. A trade was made: Each party establishes a small colony on the other’s homeworld, to learn from one another.

The Parvi are used to hostile planets. The land they bought in harshest Russian Siberia was basically paradise in comparison. When they came, we were surprised. It was not one species, but many, so many. The diplomats we were used to seeing, quite non-threatening, but also their labor, bureaucrats, livestock and soldiers. This was when many began to say “They are not what they presented themselves to be.” Tensions began to rise, and in secret, the nations of the world created the Think Tank, a group to develop strategies and technologies in case of a potential conflict with the Parvi.

The spark
The Parvi diplomats made an offer, though it was clearly more of an ultimatum. Earth would welcome and accomodate lady Valta. In exchange, the Parvi homeworld would welcome the Earth ambassador as part of the great parliament. A hostage situation. Earth grudgingly accepted. Nothing could have prepared them for lady Valta, though. As it turns out, the Parvi ruling class are nothing like their underlings. They are enormous and certainly not the near-divine creatures that the diplomats implied them to be. Lady Valta came to Earth for her first litter, and growing children need space and... food. Resources that Earth would have to struggle to give.

As lady Valta’s time came closer, the leader of the Think Tank, doctor Xhiuying Ren, decided that the time to strike had come. Together with commander Nikolayev of the Russian army, she organized an attack on the Parvi colony, while they were distracted with the birth. However, even in her weakened state, Valta proved to be too much for the human forces, despite their new weapons based on Parvi technology. The attack was repelled, with losses on both sides.

The firestorm
What followed was a five-year war. Areas close to the colony suffered the most, leaving both Russia and China quite devastated. Much of what happened during that time has been classified, but rumors and stories paint a horrible picture. What is known is that the human war efforts led by the Think Tank eventually drove off the Parvi forces, but also left the former colony a wasteland.  The human colonists on the Parvi homeworld declared their independence from Earth, out of bitterness at their home that abandoned them and put them at risk, but also out of fear towards the Parvi.

Peace in our time
It has been ten years since then. The children of the war have grown in a time of peace, but have not forgotten the war. The Think Tank has been officially disbanded and doctor Ren has been charged with war crimes, but has not been found. Secretly, a new organization (imaginatively titled the Organization) has been founded with the purpose of preparing for a Parvi retaliation, led by the former war leader Nikolayev. However, thanks to intel from the Parvi homeworld colonists, they know: They have not seen a true war with the Parvi. Lady Valta was quite young, for a member of the ruling class, and they never stop growing. If the Parvi attack, they will bring with them Titans.  Despite this thread, the Orgnization refuses to sink to the levels of the original Think Tank and will fight in a new way, a better way: Using the Anti-Extraterrestrial Guardian Interface Suits, or AEGISes, for short. Giant robot suits, each with a pilot inside, directing the suit through a neural interface.

The pilots themselves must be the best of the best, but research has shown that a still growing mind adjusts better to the extremely taxing neural link. Therefore, it was decided that to fight monsters, we needed Teenagers With Attitude (tm). The AEGIS suits can even combine into a truly gigantic form, but this is incredibly dangerous and requires a perfect neural link to attempt.

It begins again
From space, a ship came and crash-landed on Earth. The Parvi homeworld colonists and their alien allies within reveal: The Parvi are coming back. Not all of the “symbiont” species of the Parvi are actually fully accepting of their fate, and the resistance of the Earthlings has inspired them. However, a great threat also rises on Earth: The remnants of the Think Tank are organizing, and they are creating monsters of their own using the biomechanical techologies originally developed by doctor Ren. Their plan is to take over the Earth and organize a full-out war on the Parvi, with no limits. Can the Organization and the power of the AEGIS suits protect the Earth? How far should we go to protect ourselves?

Character Descriptions
I have to point out that these details are by no means locked-in. I am still not entirely sure about the characters’ nationalities, for instance. Building an international hero team can get awkward!

The AEGIS Team:

Leader: Ms Monisha Upreti, Nepal
Pilot: A very rough young lady, grew up in a warzone, where family fought in the resistance and currently serve as community leaders. Something of a mercenary with terrible people skills but a brilliant tactical mind. Due to an injury sustained as a child during the war, has a prosthetic leg. Initially reluctant, only joined because organization promised support for family and an improved prosthetic. Later grows into the role of a leader, despite initial reluctance. Actually has a great sense of humor.

AEGIS - Red:
A versatile suit, capable of performing many roles to some extent. Looks kind of blocky.

Special equipment:
Beam-staff,  for both ranged and close combat. Hologram projector for diversions.

Combiner part:
Chest and head

Sharpshooter / Recon: Mr Laurent Tounkara, France (of Senegalese descent)

Quiet, seemingly a loner, extremely active on social media. Hella gay, has long-distance boyfriend.  Not actually as calm as seems. From a rich family, could have had a safe life, chose to protect Earth instead, got disowned. Family is likely supporting the Think Tank. Encyclopedic knowledge of weaponry, has spent most his life preparing for the Enemy’s return.

AEGIS - Silver:
Tall, but more suited for stealth. All sharp angles. Built-in stabilizers to ensure steady aim.

Special equipment:
Typically uses a long-range rifle, but can switch weapons depending on the mission.  Grapnel cables.

Combiner part:
Right arm

Heavy/Mechanic: Ms Belinha Paredes, Parvi homeworld colony (of Brazilian descent)

Tiny lady, huge mech. Also a genius mechanic. Loves fighting, alien cuisine and Earth culture. Gets carried away easily, but has good head on her shoulders. One of the foremost experts in alien technology and culture due to having grown up on the Parvi homeworld colony. Earth is not always nice, though. :(  Family works with the Organization, though they are wary of Nikolayev.

AEGIS - Blue:
The largest of the mechs, but also the slowest. Very round, very stronk. Great for combination maneuvers, also equipped with all the necessary field tools.

Special equipment:
Rocket boosters as well as hand-contained laser cutters and mechanic’s tools. Also, fists.

Combiner part:
Right leg and hip

Recon / Close Quarters:  Mr Jae-Jung Pang, South Korea

A super-athlete with backgrounds in multiple sports and fighting arts. Biggest member of the team physically, but mech is not quite the largest.  Actually probably the best at keeping the team together, but unsuited for leadership due to a lack of relevant tactical skills and indecisiveness. Was chosen because of supreme neural link test results.  Because of lack of technical skills, feels like the weakest link, occasionally over-compensates. Was orphaned in the war, the team is the closest thing to family he has left.

AEGIS - Black:
Specializes in speed, athletic maneuvers, close combat.  As a pilot, Jae-Jung has the best reflexes, mobility out of the team, makes controlling a giant mecha look easy. Mech has long limbs, with slightly over-sized hands and feet.

Special equipment:
Rocket boosters, blast gauntlets.

Combiner part:
Left leg and hip.

Demolitions / Science expert:  Mr/Ms DOCTOR Cameron Horton, New Zealand

Out of all the team, best at theoretical sciences. Which is to say, huge nerd and a prodigy with a doctorate. The AEGIS technology is actually partially based on neural link technology they developed, but which was used without their permission. Demanded to be made part of team after finding out, but didn’t expect to be made into one of the pilots. Has a chip on their shoulder, but is unused to having to back words up with action.  Often comes up with the technobabble explanations.

AEGIS - Gold:
Mech has lots of explosives and powerful zero-point-energy fields, but Cameron hesitates to use them because they because fear the potential for abuse of power. Knows exactly where and when to blow things up for efficiency. Mech has narrow joints and wide, round appendages, giving the impression of being composed of many spheres. Physically the least powerful mech.

Special equipment:
Explosives, zero-point-energy generators, field sensors and scientific equipment.

Combiner part:
Left arm

Other characters:

Sixth ranger / Handler: Ms Shufen Nikolayev
Originally just a voice on the comms, secretly guiding the team. Turned out to actually be giant monster girl. Daughter of doctor Ren and commander Nikolayev. To create a weapon against the Parvi, Ren manipulated her own daughter’s genes and made her into a hybrid being. Her hybrid genes started kicking in at around 9 years old, causing her became too large and monstrous to live normal life. She has grown up in a paramilitary organization, so she knows military strategy and the enemy they’re facing. However, she hasn’t had a normal childhood, so she’s unused to normal interaction with peers and has poor self-esteem. She is learning, little by little. Also, is a giant monster, which comes in handy. Very intelligent and capable, but too large to operate most devices (including gamepads). Great chess player, has a custom-built extra-large set. Lives in a converted hangar in the organization’s base.

Monstrous abilities:
Superhuman agility and strength, even for her size. Can absorb energy to shoot mouth beams or grow in size (dangerous). Default height is around 3 meters tall, but can walk on all fours to lower down to about 2 meters. When powered up, can fight even an AEGIS but this size requires a lot of energy and cannot be maintained for long. Curiously enough, her alien features are not entirely similar to the Parvi ruling class, most likely due to strange genetic interactions.

Organization leader: Miroslav Nikolayev
Military leader during the previous war. Leads the organization. Something of a hard-ass, but rejects cruelty and ruthlessness. Secretly dotes on Shufen. VERY angry at doctor Ren for what she did to their daughter.

Management droid: Bucket
Surprisingly knowledgeable for just a management droid. Keeps a low profile, but subtly helps the team along. It’s likely that this chassis isn’t its first, but what could it have been before, during the war? Seems to have a connection with Nikolayev.


Parvi Hivemother: Lady Valta
Only about four stories tall, still quite small for her species. In retrospect, it seems curious that the Parvi would send her to Earth when the situation was already so tense. Could it be that she, too, was simply used as a pawn, simply to provoke a war and give an excuse to conquer Earth completely? Some of her children went missing during the war, so she might be coming back for them, or for vengeance. She might not be entirely beyond reason, though, as far as the Enemy goes.

Former(?) Think Tank leader: Doctor  Xhiuying Ren
A real piece of work. Arguably won the previous war, but was it all worth it? Is she still leading the Think Tank?  Can she be called human anymore after the experiments she has performed on herself?

The Anti-Extraterrestrial Offensive Network is the Think Tank’s response to the AEGIS project. Composed of AEGIS pilot candidates who were rejected for personality flaws (such as anger issues), the Think Tank has modified them and linked their minds permanently with each other and with their AEON suits, creating an incredibly dangerous fighting force. They are the twisted reflection of the AEGIS team, and they are very dangerous and unstable. However, their linked state gives them unique weaknesses which can be exploited. While they are working against the heroes, they aren’t necessarily bad people. Can they be redeemed, and can the linking procedure be reversed?

Possible follow-up posts:
Character relationships, individual episode/storyarc outlines.

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