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Ulim Dao by Sulemania
Ulim Dao

Another NPC in the tabletop game I'm running.

Ulim Dao is the heir of house Dao, the most powerful family in the city. Its navy of airships means that not even the other great houses dare to confront it.

Ulim was always in the shadow of his father, the legendary Ur Dao, but with his father being incapacitated by his illness, the free-spirited Ulim was thrust from his games of war into leading his house. Ulim is arrogant and convinced of the superiority of the noble class, but he can back his claims with the unstoppable might of Dao's wind magic.

Matriarch Shen, Koshi and Koba by Sulemania
Matriarch Shen, Koshi and Koba
Major NPCs in an RPG I am running.

Lien, matriarch of house Shen, is better known in the criminal circles as the crime lord Maw. Cut off from her family’s resources by a political move from her rivals, she instead grows her presence in the underworld.

Her open right hand is the genius diplomat, strategist and swordswoman Koshi. Koshi is a master of reading people and situations and can generally find a way to achieve her’ mistress’s goals.

If her offer is rejected, she sends forth her closed left hand, the cruel and nearly unstoppable warrior, Koba, who can turn her opponents’ blood against themselves. While intelligent, Koba lacks her sister Koshi’s self-control, and is used to achieving things through force.

Ghal Eng by Sulemania
Ghal Eng
Another NPC in a roleplaying game I’m running.

Patriarch Ghal of house Eng is the head of one of the most powerful families in the city. The old man still fancies himself a warrior, though he hasn’t battled an equal opponent in decades. This long period of peace has left him fat and soft. Don’t underestimate him, though: He is also the keeper of the secrets of house Eng’s fire magic, and he spends his days teaching them to his beloved grandchildren.

Maw by Sulemania

The High City is located in the clouds, supported both literally and metaphorically by the Low and Middle Cities. On top of these huge towers, the noble families make their homes and sail the winds beneath the great Dome.
From there, the crime lord Maw has reached her cruel hold down into the lower Cities, using a combination of guile and brutal, surgical force (often administered by Koba, her second-in-command) to take over the criminal underworld. She has named her organization the Tusks. She still faces one obstacle: Her nemesis, the equally evil Three-Eyes.

Maw rarely takes part in conflicts personally. She prefers to use her resources, underlings and influence to deal with problems. There are stories, however, of how arrows, swords and spears are all useless against her, should she be provoked into battle.

The character is an NPC in a roleplaying game I’m running. She was supposed to be the main villain, but it turns out the players instead started working for her. Oh, well!

Koba by Sulemania
Koba, the “Thousand-Man-Killer” *, is the right hand of the crime lord Maw. Koba is intelligent and extremely dangerous, but suffers from poor impulse control. She rarely allows a chance to fight or hurt people pass her by.

In addition to her superb martial arts skills, she possesses the ability to control the blood of anyone she is touching. This allows her to manhandle even much larger opponents and break them like toys.

*Actually only about 70, counting women and children, but still an uncomfortably large number.

Now that I've actually got a few watchers:
I haven't actually made *new* designs in a while, just remakes and combinations. So I'm turning to you and anyone that cares.

What kinds of designs would you like to see? Do you have a character or an idea that you'd like me to do?


Sulemania's Profile Picture
I'm a fan of superheroes, fantasy and such. This logically led me to making stuff with Heromachine.

These are primarily character and costume designs. The first priority is the visuals fitting the character. If the design happens to have some aesthetic value, that's just a bonus. There are a bunch of people out there who are making incredible art with Heromachine, and I tip my hat to them, but that is not what I do.

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